Let Shab Jaff CCTV Security Products help you with any of your CCTV installation services. Our monitoring specialists will design the perfect security solution to protect your home or business around the clock.

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Safety should never be compromised. Therefore, as suppliers of CCTV solutions, you can trust that our professionals know what they are doing. They are not only experts in CCTV installation in Karachi, but their expertise can also ensure maximum coverage and security from the installations all over Pakistan.

cctv-installationSpacious Network

Shab Jaff has a large network of CCTV camera installers available in Karachi to improve the security of your property. Our broad network also covers all CCTV maintenance required for smooth and reliable monitoring.

As there is no compromise on safety so take the extra steps to make your home or workplace safer and we believe in keeping you safe by providing you excellent services of our advanced CCTV Technology system that can capture every sort of suspicious or non-suspicious move. Here is the list of Technology we offer to our valued customers along with the services of our team.

Dome Camera:

A dome camera has amazing features, It is designed Specially to make your home or business place secure. It can be installed for indoor or outdoor purpose. It is vandal resistant, its lens is prevented from being damaged or destroyed by any sort of maltreatment or physical abuse. It secures the property by having its rotating lens, so none can recognise the face and focus of the lens.It is primarily weatherproof and shows its efficiency in night mode. We are providing the best services of dome camera installation in Karachi at a very reasonable cost.

dome camera

Bullet Camera:

We are the providers of the best quality Bullet camera in Karachi which is designed basically for the indoor and outdoor security purposes with its easiest installation process. It provides the best long-distance view of the surroundings. Its weatherproof material construction makes it more reliable and efficient. It is also sophisticated for the night vision.


C-mount Camera:

Our quality work of CCTV installation in Karachi provides the best CCTV installation at your doorstep with its amazing featured c-mount camera which is basically designed for indoor security purposes but can also be used for the outdoor use.It fulfils customers demand by its detachable lenses ranging from 4mm to 200mm. Its high-resolution image-producing quality allows it to provide best performance. We, the installers of this amazing product deal with it greatly.

Day/Night Camera:

A peaceful sleep makes the brain healthy and active, which is possible only when you feel yourself and family safe and secure. Our best quality day and night or night vision CCTV camera has the ability to capture the videos in the day as well as in low light. It is an ideal product for outdoor security purpose. We provide a wide variety of sizes of night vision CCTV camera that has HDR technology and interventional radiology (IR) sensors which produce the clear output video of the targeted area. We have provided a night vision CCTV installation services in many public places which are giving their best performance results.


PTZ (Pan tilt & zoom) Camera:

Our best CCTV installation services in Karachi also offer the PTZ camera which can be rotated by 360° and can capture the video of the targeted area at any angle. It can be efficiently controlled by the remote system or automatic operation. It can track and follow the specific object given as input to track as per requirement. It also provides a clear view through its interventional radiology (IR) Technology about 200m at the night. It has  X36 optical zoom capability which produces the high-quality resolution image and makes your building, mall, apartment or any other workplace safe and secure what everyone wants.

PTZ (Pan tilt & zoom) Camera

High Definition(HD) Camera:

If you are at any high-risk place such as Bank, Store, Mosque or any other business work or religious place, Must contact the best providers of cctv installation services in Karachi. Our high definition camera provides the high-quality image of high alert areas with its clear picture details and the best feature of this technology is its zoom view which is without losing its focus of the point captured. It also produces a high-resolution image and gives maximum safety by detecting any sort of criminal activity or helps in crime prevention.


IP CCTV Camera:

Our Shabjaff CCTV installation team in Karachi provides the capable IP CCTV installation services which is a type of digital camera that has the ability to send data via Network and can be connected with any online connection. It can be easily controlled by the remote system & shows less cable requirement. It also captures any sort of suspicious on suspicious move and produces high-quality resolution video of the pointed area. This technology system has the capability to have two-way communication to make any place a safe place. As security is not a product but a process so bring the process by using Shabjaff CCTV installation services in Karachi.


ANPR/LPR Camera:

Our skilled team members of shaffjaff CCTV installation services in Karachi provides the most efficient CCTV technology of automatic number plate recognition(ANPR) and licence plate recognition (LPR) camera which possess the ability to read the number plate of stolen vehicle or vehicle involved in criminal activity. You can contact us to install it in the car parking area or outside the house, building or mall to make your place safe and secure.


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Our CCTV engineers are proud of their work and their passion for security, and so are we!