Home-Security CCTV Cameras

As a leader in CCTV service provider in Karachi, Shab Jaff will help you stay comfortable when you are, or not at your place. With HD video quality, motion detection and night vision, our CCTV cameras can guarantee everything that should be at home. Advance & cost-effective CCTV solution for the home.
Weather-Proof Mini Dome-1

Shops, Restaurant or Small Business

Whether you own a small office, cafe, restaurant or any other company, we have a full range of reliable products with high-resolution analogue / IP cameras up to 5 megapixels and more provide a high-quality image that helps protect your business, no matter how big or small.


Business Solutions Camera Solutions

Surveillance of executive or commercial premises such as large business offices, farmhouses or warehouses etc. Shab Jaff offers many CCTV security solutions that help meet these needs. From basic video surveillance to the progress of the CCTV system and beyond.